About Mixology With Olly

Mixology With Olly is a completely bootstrapped business, starting over one of the lockdowns in 2021 selling DIY cocktail kits and hosting cocktail masterclasses over zoom.

Once the world started opening up again, we moved into providing bar-services for events, and often had people asking to take our drinks home as they loved them so much.

It was clear to see the demand for a premium RTD cocktail, and we quickly (and impulsively) bought a canning machine and moved into a commercial kitchen in Dalston, making canned and bottled cocktails one by one for our clients.

Quickly it was clear it would be nearly impossible to scale like this, so we set about working with food & drink scientists to create what we feel is the best cocktail in a can around, key to the brief was strictly no additives, and we would never pasteurise our drinks - these had to be bar standard.

After a year of recipe development, and lots of tasting sessions, we were finally happy with our recipes, for a Tommy's Margarita and a Spicy Margarita - with more on the way in the coming year or so.

We have developed two recipes, a Tommy's Margarita, and a Spicy Tommy's Margarita - at the time of writing (October 2023), we are launching with just our Tommy's Margarita, and then will be launching our Spicy Margarita in early 2024.

Our drinks last for one year from production, the best before date is displayed on the bottom of the can.

We spent a year working with food and drink scientists to perfect our recipes. Our drinks have a long shelf life due to two factors: high alcohol by volume (ABV%) and the acidity of lime juice. For example, our Tommy's Margarita has an ABV of 19%, and our Spicy Margarita has an ABV of 15%. The high alcohol content acts as a natural preservative. Additionally, the pH level of lime juice is acidic, which also helps to preserve the drink.

We'd recommend sticking them in the fridge when you get them so they are ready to go whenever you want! They'll be fine being store at an ambient temperature too.

Best served ice cold with friends. Pour into your favourite glass and garnish however you'd like, for our Tommy's Margarita we'd suggest a lime wedge, for our Spicy Marg we'd garnish with a sliced chilli pepper.

Our Tequila is supplied by El Sueño Tequila.

El Sueño Tequila was born from the experience of 5 generations of Agave growers and Tequila makers, as well as the love for the spirit that two good friends shared.

They have been made with only the finest mature highland and lowland Weber Blue Agave, quality natural ingredients and perfected using traditional batch production methods.

The results are a range of wonderfully smooth, floral yet creamy Tequilas and flavoured Tequila Liqueurs that are perfect neat, with a mixer or in your favourite cocktail.

Their proactive approach to producing sustainable Tequila means that El Sueño is not just great to taste, but ensures a future for Agave spirits too.

We'd love to chat with you about this - reach out to tim@mixologywitholly.com

Absolutely, we've done this a lot and it's always gone down a storm. Just drop Tim an email tim@mixologywitholly.com

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