Spicy Tommy's Margarita 15%ABV (6 pack)

Hands down the best Spicy Tommy's Margarita you will find.

Choose good music, good parties, good friends, and great drinks to go with it.
Choose not to wait for your drink, no messing around in big queues and paying big prices for little cocktails.
Choose no more trips to the shop at 2am for some forgotten mixer.
Choose no more squeezing a hundred f**king limes like you're in a citrus nightmare.
Choose the best ingredients, no additives, no preservatives, and no pasteurised nonsense.
Choose no more sticky floors that ruin your dancing shoes.
Choose the best-canned cocktail around.
Choose Mixology With Olly.

For best taste, pour on ice cubes, stir, then garnish with a chilli or lime wedge. You won't believe it came from a can.

Our canned cocktails are:

  • Bar strength and bar quality
  • Use premium ingredients
  • Nothing artificial and never pasteurised
  • Take seconds to serve
  • Easy and mess-free
  • 15% ABV / 125ml

Perfect for dinner parties, house parties and after parties... Or just chilling with your friends on the weekend playing a few board games.

- £-30.00
  • £30.00